Excited for the Outer Worlds Oct 25 from Epic Games

Fallout fans rejoice – there’s a new game in town space called The Outer Worlds. This trip looks fun, and early reviews are quite positive. Do I sense a new time-suck?

Announcing The Outer WOrlds

Welcome to The Outer Worlds!

Art from The Outer Worlds
Art from The Outer Worlds

When you see the words “From the original creators of Fallout, and the developers of Fallout: New Vegas,” how do you not just open up your wallet on the spot and get in line?

The Outer Worlds debuts Friday October 25 2019.

I got caught by surprise though – I’ve been watching for this on Steam. Instead, this single-player first-person sci-fi beauty is accessed via the Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store on PC.

I’ve been looking for an excuse to experiment with recording and posting some game-play videos. If all goes well, expect something soon.

Stay tuned!

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