Top New Comics for Feb 26 2020

Each Wednesday, comic book readers everywhere visit their shops for the next chapters of their favorite stories. Check out Diamond Comic Distributors for a complete list of this week’s books, then check out my list of favorite new comics for Feb 26 2020 below.

New Comics for Feb 26 2020

As always, we begin with a high-level view with an eye toward the new-comer. Which books are good jumping on points? Which are (or might be) significant for other reasons? To that end…

Comics of Note

In addition to the comics on My Pull List and This Week’s # 1’s (both below), these items also stood out:

Cover art from Lupus TP

Lupus TP from Top Shelf Productions – With art and story from award-winning Swiss graphic novelist Frederik Peeters, this “existential interplanetary epic” has my attention.
This could fall into the category of “gateway for the non-comics reader” and is billed as, “a beautifully realized comic-epic-romance of the type that would appeal strongly to American readers.”

Wonder Woman by Gail Simone Omnibus from DC Comics – The first of two Wonder Woman items on radar this week, writer Gail Simone is responsible for this omnibus edition being included.
These massive tomes can be somewhat pricey, but you’re getting a collected run of 30+ books from her 2008 run! Could be just the thing for a weekend getaway or any new Wonder Woman reader.

My Pull List (Comics I’m Buying)

I reserve many of my comics in advance. This week will find the eight books below waiting safely for me behind the counter at my local comic book shop:

  • Bang! #1 (of 5) (2nd printing) from Dark Horse Comics – Though not generally a fan of 2nd printings, I enjoyed this the first time around, am a huge Matt Kindt fan, and prefer it over all the previous editions.
  • Batman: Curse of the White Knight #7 (of 8) (a & b covers) from DC Comics – If you aren’t familiar with the team of Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth, go check out their first volume – Batman: White Knight. Then come back for this follow-up.
  • Folklords #4 from BOOM! Studios – Oh look – another book by Matt Kindt.
  • John Constantine: Hellblazer #4 from DC Comics – DC seems to have found a good home for John Constantine under the Black Label imprint. This 4th issue of the latest incarnation begins a new arc. Definitely worth a look if you’ve ever been curious about this fan-favorite anti-hero.
  • Killadelphia #4 (a & b covers) from Image Comics – I was hooked after the first issue, but this will be a series I’ll binge through once the arc completes. Horror fans take note!
  • Olympia #4 (of 5) (a & b covers) from Image Comics – Not sure how to categorize this one – so take a look. A fun book with a unique feel. I saw a digital preview of #1 and called my shop for a paper copy right away.
  • Previews #378 from Diamond Publications – A listing of all the new comics coming out two months from now. This way you know what to be on the lookout for.
  • Wonder Woman #752 (b cover) from DC Comics – I hopped on with #750 to check out an arc or two. I didn’t realize they also upped the shipping frequency too.

This Week’s # 1’s (Jumping-On Points)

  • 2020 Force Works #1 Marvel Comics
  • Amethyst #1 Wonder Comics
  • Beware Witch’s Shadow: Happy New Fear #1 American Mythology
  • Charles Band’s Deadly Ten Presents: The Bride Of Head Of The Family #1 Full Moon Features
  • Conspiracy: Area 51 #1 Zenescope
  • Falcon & Winter Soldier #1 Marvel Comics
  • Fantastic Four: Grimm Noir #1 Marvel Comics
  • Finger Guns #1 Vault Comics
  • Giant Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost #1 Marvel Comics
  • Hidden Society #1 Dark Horse Comics
  • Laurel & Hardy Meet The Three Stooges #1 American Mythology
  • Leviathan Dawn #1 DC Comics
  • Monstrous: Baba Yaga #1 Source Point Press
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Jennika #1 IDW Publishing
  • Tomorrow #1 Berger Books

As always – please visit or call your local comic shop before purchasing online.

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