Top New Comics for Mar 11 2020

Every Wednesday, comic book readers everywhere visit their shops for the next chapters of their favorite stories. Check out Diamond Comic Distributors for a complete list of this week’s books, then check out my list of favorite new comics for Mar 11 2020 below.

New Comics for Mar 11 2020

As always, we begin with a high-level view with an eye toward the new-comer. Which books are good jumping on points? Which are (or might be) significant for other reasons? To that end, head to your local comic shop and check these out…

My Pull List (Comics I’m Buying)

I reserve many of my comics in advance. This week will find the six titles below waiting safely for me behind the counter at my local comic book shop:

  • The Batman’s Grave #6 from DC Comics – As this 12-issue series reaches its half-way point, it was just announced all 12 will be collected in hardcover once it completes. I’ll be picking up both a and b covers this issue.
  • Blackwood: The Mourning After #2 from Dark Horse Comics – Waiting for this to wrap up before binging the whole thing. Check out the original mini too.
  • Decorum #1 from Image Comics – The only debut in my pull this week – but no small thing as it’s Hickman returning to image for a creator-owned story about an assassin.
  • Heavy Metal #298 from Heavy Metal – I’ve jumped back on this after some time away as it ramps up to #300.
  • The Man Who Effed Up Time #2 from AfterShock Comics – From the creator of Chew, I’ll be letting these build up a bit before reading the first arc.
  • Wonder Woman #753 from DC Comics – Trying this out after the recent #750. They’re shipping several times a month, so if you’re a fan you’re loving things right now.

This Week’s # 1’s (Jumping-On Points)

  • Betty & Veronica: Friends Forever: It’s All Relative #1 (Archie Comics)
  • Cable #1 (Marvel Comics)
  • Darchon #1 (Absolute Comics)
  • Decorum #1 (Image Comics)
  • Dual Identity #1 (Absolute Comics)
  • First Defense #1 (Absolute Comics)
  • Ghost Wolf #1 (Amigo Comics)
  • Grimm Fairy Tales: Jasco Games #1 (Zenescope)
  • Jim Henson’s Storyteller: Ghosts #1 (Archaia)
  • Judge Dredd 100 Page Giant #1 (IDW Publishing)
  • Marvel Tales: Silver Surfer #1 (Marvel Comics)
  • North Bend #1 (Scout Comics)
  • Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #1 (Marvel Comics)
  • Stealth #1 (Skybound)
  • Sub-Mariner: Marvels Snapshot #1 (Marvel Comics)
  • Sweet Heart #1 (Action Lab Comics)
  • Wayward Legends #1 (Absolute Comics)
  • Wayward Sons #1 (Absolute Comics)

If possible, please support your local comic shop before searching online for the items above.

Until next week – here’s to good comics!